A Cake for Your Birthday

These are my mother’s parents with grandparents-2their 10 grandchildren.  We are essentially all grown up now with one out of college, three in college, three in high school, and the other three in middle school or will be in middle school next year.  They have moved into separate nursing facilities near my house a few years ago but while my mother was growing up they lived in Manalapan, New Jersey.   My grandmother was not and still not much of a cook.   My grandfather believed in the common philosophy of the time of men work and bring home the bacon and the women stay home, take of the children and do the house work, so he never did any cooking.

Most of the meals, my grandmother made for the family were heated up or from a box.  She was not good at, interested in, or have the time to make meals from scratch so she went to what she could do which was heating up precooked foods or meals from a box.  On birthdays, she bought them a cake instead of making one.

I on the other hand refuse to allow someone in a family to get a store bought cake for their birthday.  On birthdays, I believe everyone deserves a handmade cake.  It does not need to be perfect but it shows that you cared enough to send time making them a cake.  When it is one of my parents or siblings birthday’s I always ask them what kind of cake they want and of course they don’t give me any ideas so I make them I cake that I think they would like or something that is different.


For my younger sister’s birthday, I made her a vanilla rainbow cake with buttercream bright pink frosting and pick sprinkles.  She requested the rainbow cake and I added the pink frosting and sprinkles because pink is her favorite color.  It is not the prettiest cake but I cared enough to make her one, which is what counts.




On my mother’s birthday, she did not request anything so I chose her cake for her.  I made her a maple pecan cake with maple buttercream frosting with candied pecans on top and around the bottom.  She really enjoyed the cake and was thankful for the time I put in to make her a cake.


For my grandmother,  I understand taking care of six children, one with Down Syndrome, and a husband, it is hard to make everyone a cake.  However, if I around I will making my family a cake on their birthday.


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