A Day for a Bakery

img_5831-2Today we visited a bakery a few minutes from my house.  It is close yet, I have never been nor ever heard of it before today’s visit.  We went to Vanilla Desserterie in Linthicum, MD.  It was opened in 2014 by Amanda Garman and her mother Neide Murillo, both natives of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I walk into the little shop, in a shopping center of five businesses.  It has two small tables on either side of the entrance and a counter for drink condiments but the main focus was the bright white “L” shaped counter that held the baked goods behind a glass screen.

The owner, Amanda, was there to greet us upon our entering and lets us know to ask if we had any questions.  We looked around at all the possibilities and asked Amanda questions about the different cupcakes and various desserts. She was very helpful and informative as she makes everything daily.  Once we have looked at all the possibilities we all settle on what we want to get.img_5838-2

My mother choose a Chocolate Croissant. It was soft to the touch.  Buttery, individual layers with chocolate folded into some of the layers.  It was light and airy consistency that provided a delicious taste.



I choose an Apple Turnover and a Pumpkin Cupcake.  The apple turnover had a hard flaky exterior with a soft flaky interior. It would have used a little more apple filling  but the filling it did have a strong apple flavor with real pieces of apple.  img_5837-2

The pumpkin cupcake was a vanilla cupcake with pumpkin frosting topped with a candied piece of apricot. The pumpkin flavor in the icing was weak, I could taste the buttercream base more than the pumpkin and I would have liked a stronger pumpkin flavor.  The cupcake was moist with a perfect hint of vanilla.



Finally, my sister decided on a Oreo Cupcake. The cupcake was the same as the one used for the pumpkin cupcake so it was good. The icing contained crumbled pieces of Oreos mixed into the buttercream icing making a perfect consistency.  It was strong, sweet taste that from my one bite, it was my favorite grab of the day at the bakery.

Link the their website with their contact information, location, and hours of operation.



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